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Beetlejuice Terrarium

Beetlejuice Terrarium

Beetlejuice Terrarium

"Nice f*cking model!" - Betelgeuse [after kicking down a model tree]

According to the Handbook for the Recently Deceased, rule number two clearly states that the living usually won't see the dead. That's won't, not can't, so if you want to get to know and become real pals with the ghost with the most, then pick up one of these cool new Beetlejuice Terrariums and then simply speak his name three times.

This 10" tall terrarium has a model-sized version of the house featured in the movie BeetleJuice, similar to the one in the giant model the Maitlands created of the whole damn town. This famous little haunted house is sculpted out of wax, painted and placed atop hills of moss to create a sustainable ecosystem that's simple to care for, well, unless your dead or live near those pesky sandworms on Saturn. Beetlejuice...

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  • Don't dare say Beetlejuice three times
  • A 10" tall sustainable ecosystem that you can keep anywhere in your home or office.
  • Sitting atop vast hills of moss in this wide jar is a scale model of one famously morbid ghostly house
  • Miniature house sculpted out of wax, and painted.
  • Easy care instructions included

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