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Egglings - Plants You Hatch From an Egg!

Egglings - Plants You Hatch From an Egg!

Egglings - Plants You Hatch From an Egg!

If you're looking for a unique and inexpensive gift or a a weird/fun conversation piece for your desk at work, check out The Eggling - a real plant that you can hatch from an egg!. All you do is take the real looking (and feeling) Eggling, crack it open and up grows either basil, Italian parsley, mint, or thyme (your choice). I'm a guy and even I think they're really cool. If you give these to all your kids, replace one Eggling with a real egg and watch the tears flow when they crack it open, haha, er just kidding.



  • Eggling looks & feels like a real egg, but crack its top and it's a garden ready for sowing
  • Extremely popular in Japan, where it originated. Made of porous ceramic
  • Choose from four types: Basil, Italian Parsley, Mint, and Thyme.
  • Plants grow easily in container for up to 5 months. After, they can be planted directly in soil.
  • Eggling is packaged in nice gift box

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