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Alive Chimpanzee by WowWee - Animatronic Life-Size Bust with Video

Alive Chimpanzee by WowWee - Animatronic Life-Size Bust with Video

I just came across the coolest and creepiest state-of-the-art, fully-animated, lifelike, robotic chimpanzee head ever! I absolutely must get one of these for my desk at work.

The Alive Chimpanzee by WowWee is the first in a new line of animatronic animal heads that are stunningly realistic. The 11" bust looks, feels, sounds and behaves just like a real "Alive" Chimpanzee and is fully interactive and multi-sensory to its surroundings. Best of all, it has a "Guard Mode" for when someone comes into your office to swipe something of yours. Imagine their reaction when a seemingly dismembered creepy chimp head starts screeching and swinging his head back and forth right on your desk. This thing is beyond Awesome, Creepy and Cool!


  • Amazing "Alive" Chimpanzee is a fully animated, life-size bust of the real animal.
  • "Alive" Chimpanzee can see, hear and feel in ways that allow him to interact intelligently with you, your family, your guests...and with baffled strangers.
  • Soulful eyes track movements using infrared "radar" vision; his ears have stereoscopic sound sensors; his skin reacts to contact with touch sensors all around.
  • Four distinctive emotional moods include "Curious," "Happy," "Fearful" and "Feisty."
  • Override his "natural" autonomous mode by using the wireless controller to communicate specific commands as far as 30 feet away.

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