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Illuminated Over-the-Door Indoor Basketball Hoop with LED Scoring

Illuminated Over-the-Door Indoor Basketball Hoop with LED Scoring

Illuminated Over-the-Door Indoor Basketball Hoop with LED Scoring

Mom always said, 'Don't play ball in the house!' - Bobby Brady (The Brady Bunch)

If you love basketball and you're trapped at home during the cold winter months, spinning around bored in your chair at the office, want to upgrade from crumpled up wads of paper and a wastebasket, or you just simply want to endlessly practice free throws, 3-point shots, and slam dunks 24/7/365 from the comfort of your own home, then check out this cool new Franklin Sports Pro Hoops Basketball Set.

This high end, over-the-door indoor basketball hoop has an illuminated, shatter-resistant backboard, an LED scoring readout with a paddle-free scoring sensor, fun game room sounds and flashing lights when you score, a 9.5" dual spring metal rim that's engineered to withstand slam dunks, a durable 8 loop net, and it includes a miniature 5" basketball. It's perfect for challenging your friends and family to beat your high score or just for wasting time by yourself, but always remember that you'e playing ball indoors, so aim for the hoop and not the priceless, delicate vase downstairs.

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  • Franklin Sports Over The Door LED Basketball Hoop
  • Bright LED illuminated, shatter-resistant backboard
  • LED scoring readout: You will be racing the clock to beat your friend's score
  • Every basket is followed with fun game room sounds and a flashing LED backboard
  • Dual spring rim - Engineered this set to withstand 3-point shots and slam dunks
  • Unique paddle free sensor prevents any interference during play
  • This is a solid set. You will be shooting a 5" basketball into a 9.5" metal rim that's equipped with a durable 8 loop net
  • Engineered to fit all common sized doors in a home or office
  • 3/4 inch of protective EVA foam to protect the door its installed on
  • All-steel hardware and tools!
  • Slam Dunk Approved
  • Size: 17.75" x 12"

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