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Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution

Monopoly Revolution

The game of Monopoly has had many, many versions over the years, but for it's 75th Anniversary, Hasbro has come up with something literally revolutionary. The cool new Monopoly Revolution puts a modern spin on the legendary property-trading board game. The gameplay is essentially the same, but you now play on a uniquely styled circular board with new styled tokens, houses and hotels and pay using cards through an electronic banking system instead of cash. It even incorporates songs and sound effects like a door slamming shut when you Go to Jail or celebratory tunes when you pass GO.

Now as slick as this version seems, it's just not going to be the same without being able to show off that huge pile of cash that I stole from the bank, but I'm sure Grandma will still find a way to cheat too and start a huge, clear the table argument just like old times!

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