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FurReal Pony - Giant Life-Like Interactive Pony

FurReal Pony - Giant Life-Like Interactive Pony

FurReal Pony - Giant Life-Like Interactive Pony

The new trend in toys definitely seems to be going robotic. Last year we had the insanely cool Animatronic Life-Like Monkey Head for boys (and adults) and this year the girls get the FurReal Pony - Giant Life-Like Interactive Pony. Every little girl dreams of getting a pony and the FurReal Pony named Butterscotch is the next best thing! I saw a demo of it over the weekend and it was actually really cool. Its about three feet tall and has sensors all over its body so it can respond to touch and voice, moves its head, ears & eyes around, make realistic pony noises, swish its tail and even chew on an included carrot. Unfortunately its legs don't move, but it can hold up to 80 pounds so kids can sit on her back and it gently bounces. It's really unbelievable as far robotic ponies go. Check out the video below to see the pony in action.

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  • Butterscotch Pony moves her head and ears, blinks her eyes, swishes her tail, and eats her carrot
  • Butterscotch whinnies and neighs, and blows a puff of air out of her nose
  • Groom Butterscotch's mane with her brush
  • Butterscotch comes with carrot, brush and special adoption certificate
  • Stands over three feet tall

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