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Ice Sculpture Molds - No Chainsaw Needed!

Ice Sculpture Molds - No Chainsaw Needed!

Ice Sculpture Molds - No Chainsaw Needed!

I've always been tempted to take one of those ice sculpting classes at the local junior college. Nothing sounds cooler than getting a giant block of ice, a chainsaw and a couple of hours of mayhem. Well unfortunately (for me) there is now a better way way to get an ice sculpture for your table centerpiece. Do it yourself with these cool Ice Sculpture Molds by Sculptures in Ice. Simply pour water, colored water, gelatin, ice cream, etc. into the styrene molds, freeze in your freezer for 48 hours and voila, an instant professional-looking centerpiece!

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  • Create beautiful ice sculpture centerpieces with these elegant, inexpensive, easy-to-use molds
  • Reusable ice sculpture molds made of FDA-approved, high-impact Styrene
  • Fits in most conventional home freezers, measuring 14" high by 11" wide by 3" deep
  • Wide variety of ice sculptures molds from which to choose for weddings, parties or special holidays

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