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Mechanical Paper Airplane Launcher

Mechanical Paper Airplane Launcher

Mechanical Paper Airplane Launcher

If you love making paper airplanes but are tired of watching them nosedive into the ground when throwing by hand, then upgrade your miniature aviation hobby with this cool new Ugears Flight Starter. This DIY mechanical plane launcher kit is made from baltic birch plywood pieces that assemble without glue and can launch model aircraft up to to 100 feet away. To use, just load your model plane on top of this hand catapult, wind up the tension on the rubber band motor, and pull the trigger to send it soaring through the air. It includes 198 fun to assemble pieces and 3 model planes (one plywood glider and two paper airplanes) or you can use your own paper airplane design as well.

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  • Build-it-yourself model plane launcher
  • Send your aircraft almost 100 feet in loops or barrel rolls by adjusting the angle of the wings
  • Assemble the baltic birch plywood pieces of this steampunk-inspired paper airplane launcher
  • Wind up its rubber band motor, pull the trigger, and launch one of three included planes or your own lightweight creation
  • Pieces assemble without glue or special tools
  • Includes three planes or make your own paper airplane (one plywood glider and two paper airplanes)
  • Materials: baltic birch plywood
  • Made in Ukraine
  • Size: 11" L x 13" W x 7.5" H

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