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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case

T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case

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When I was a kid, all we had were cool (still) 80s-themed metal lunch boxes, brown paper bags, and sometimes just our hands to hold our lunches as we ran to the school bus. So I'm a bit jealous of this cool new yet quite prehistoric-inspired Dinosaur Lunch Box from Suck UK. When properly muzzled, this ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur head can hold either an entire lunch in its mouth or double as an intimidating storage case for small items like action figures, toys, crayons, fossils, school supplies, and more. To use, just remove the elastic muzzle / carrying handle, open it's fanged jaws wide, and insert whatever you want inside to keep it safe and secure while traveling or exploring. Don't worry, it can't swallow anything without a body... and I don't think it bites... 🦖

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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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T-Rex Dinosaur Lunch Box / Storage Case
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