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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container

Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container

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Is your made at home salad all soggy by lunchtime? Want to avoid the temptation of a full bottle of tasty salad dressing? Then check out this cool new Dressing-2-Go from Evriholder. This compact and squeezable silicone container is perfect for safely transporting healthier portions of salad dressings and condiments to the office, school, trips, or picnics. This mini BPA-free squeeze bottle has a 2 ounce capacity and has a leak-proof, tight-sealing flip top lid for precision dispensing. It might not be a a total mindblower, but it's a handy little solution for salad lovers.

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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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Dressing-2-Go - Portable Salad Dressing Container
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