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Small Viking Axe Throwing Game

Small Viking Axe Throwing Game

Small Viking Axe Throwing Game


Why throw tiny little darts at a dartboard when you can throw tiny real axes instead? This cool new Small Viking Axe Throwing Game includes a sack filled with 3 small yet very sharp Viking style throwing axes and a round wooden target made from a tree with a bulls-eye in the center. It's just like darts, except you're heaving miniature axes that land with a much more satisfying "thunk"... unless you miss the target completely and hear screaming instead. I guess it's common sense, but please hurl throwing axes responsibly, especially when chugging mead. Check out this VIDEO to see it in action.

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  • All the thrill of axe throwing, in a pint-sized package
  • You'll never play darts again!
  • Chunky wooden stump target with handy hanging rope
  • Storage sack made of hessian
  • 3 small Viking style throwing axes
  • 9 extra shafts
  • Tool set for replacing shafts
  • Instructions and game rules

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