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ALIEN Letter Opener

ALIEN Letter Opener

ALIEN Letter Opener

Having trouble opening an envelope, especially in space? Well forget flamethrowers, pulse rifles, acid for blood, or even artificial people to help you open it, just use the powerful inner mouth from a Xenomorph to puncture through it with ease using this cool new ALIEN Letter Opener. This horrifying desktop letter opener for your office at Weyland-Yutani hides the letter-opening blade on the reverse side of the removable inner mouth of the alien warrior's head from the movie ALIENS. While the ALIEN franchise has not come even close to the fully saturated merchandising potential of some other science fiction flicks, this brings it one step closer. ALIENS The Flamethrower... coming soon, maybe.

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  • A resin Warrior alien head (from ALIENS) with a removable tongue, which holds the blade of the letter opener
  • Open all of your official Weyland-Yutani communications with this horrifically stylish office essential
  • Hand-sculpted by Eli Livingston

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