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Stock Market Paperweight

Stock Market Paperweight

Stock Market Paperweight

As the economy swirls down the drain, you are going to need an extra strong paperweight like the Stock Market Paperweight on your desk to hold down that mounting pile of unpaid bills, foreclosure notice, stock loss reports and pink slip from your former employer. Designed by Tibor Kalman / M&Co, this stylish and appropriate paperweight is made from rigid silk-screened vinyl that is hand-crumpled and wrapped around a steel weight. It also makes a great gift for your stockbroker or banker, just be sure to deliver it safely through their window.

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  • Designed by Tibor Kalman
  • Rigid silk-screened vinyl paperweight
  • Hand-crumpled and wrapped around a steel weight
  • Size: 5" H x 4" Diameter

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