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Royal Sovereign - Automatic Feed Cross Cut Shredder

Royal Sovereign - Automatic Feed Cross Cut Shredder

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When you're serious about privacy and security or just need to shred a paper trail as quickly as possible, you need the cool new Royal Sovereign - Automatic Feed Cross Cut Shredder. This no-nonsense, heavy-duty paper shredder eliminates the hassle of manual paper insertion by automatically feeding up to 100 sheets into its level 3 security cross-cutting blades. Its powerful motor runs at a speed of 10.5 feet per minute and has a continuous duty rating allowing for confidential shredding of up to 4,000 sheets into unrecognizable confetti per day. The motor is also strong enough to easily shred staples, paper clips, credit cards and CDs/DVDs too and there is even an additional shredding slot that allows you to manually insert up to seven documents at once. Best of all, it shreds very quietly at a noise level of approximately 60dB, which is comparable to having a normal conversation. Great solution for a busy office or the extremely paranoid.

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