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Digital Protractor

Digital Protractor

Digital Protractor

I haven't measured an angle with a protactor since my school days, but I would measure them every chance I could get if I had one of these cool new Digital Protractors. This is not the flimsy and manually accurate plastic half circle from your old geometry class, this one uses connected rulers forged from stainless steel to digitally measure angles to one decimal place and/or draw lines at specific angles. A great tool for school, home improvement projects, contractors or just anyone in love with precision or angles.

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  • Use to measure angles with digital accuracy and/or draw lines at specific angles
  • Measures angles to one decimal place - with digital accuracy (±0.3°).
  • Perfect for schoolwork or any DIY task you can throw at it
  • Stainless steel rulers measure in cm and in
  • Hanging hole on each ruler to hang or anchor for measurements
  • Locking knob locks Digital Protractor at the angle of your choice

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