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Transparent Duct Tape

Transparent Duct Tape

You can fix anything with Duct Tape, but that iconic gray patch is going to be obvious to all. Next time, just use this cool new Transparent Duct Tape. It easily blends into the surface background to make repairs less apparent. This tough tape is water and UV resistant and strong enough to hold together both indoors and outdoors. It's perfect for repairs around the home, vehicle, boat, construction site and more, anywhere you would rather leave your handiwork unseen.


  • Transparent, easily blends into the surface background
  • Makes your repair less obvious
  • Will not fall apart in extreme temperatures or harsh UV conditions
  • Easily torn from the roll with minimal force
  • Strong enough to tackle almost any repair project in or around the home, vehicle, boat, or job site
  • Sticky, but not too sticky
  • Adheres smoothly without wrinkles or creases
  • Lasts longer than heavy-duty gray duct tapes
  • 1.88" x 20 YD

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