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Roll Ranger - Tape Edge Finder and Scraper

Roll Ranger - Tape Edge Finder and Scraper

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How many times have you lost the edge on a roll of packing tape, duct tape, Scotch tape, gaffer's tape, masking tape, or any kind of tape and then spun it around frantically trying to re-find it to no avail? Then, after you've finally located the edge, how often have you split it while trying to lift it up, forcing you to unroll and waste even more... only to lose the edge all over again? Well, I found a better solution.

This cool new Roll Ranger is a handy sensor tool that finds the lost edge on a roll of tape with ease and then has a built-in scraper that lifts the tape edge up without tearing it. Just move the tool along the surface of the tape roll until the LED light illuminates to indicate that the edge is directly below it and then use the scraper to lift it up. It's perfect for anyone who ships a lot of packages, is packing up their house for a move, works in a warehouse, tapes up ducts, paints homes, wraps a lot of gifts, and more. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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