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Slice Ceramic Mini Cutter

Slice Ceramic Mini Cutter

Slice Ceramic Mini Cutter

All the endless online purchases in these modern times has resulted in an absolute ton of cardboard shipping boxes that all need to be broken down. So forget reaching for that old-fashioned box cutter and grab this cool new Slice Ceramic Mini Cutter instead. This handy slicer may be small, but uses an auto-retractable ceramic blade to make quick work of corrugated cardboard and other packaging. The sharp ceramic blade is not only 10x longer than steel and rustproof, it's also safer with a finger-friendly rounded blade tip. It's perfectly sized for a pocket, but also has a built-in magnet for storing on the fridge for quick access. Seriously though, this annoying cardboard shipping box problem is only going to just get more and more obnoxious, but this will help until Amazon can one day beam products directly to the house.

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  • Mini Size = Fits in your Palm
  • Double-sided ceramic blade cuts through all of your everyday packaging/slicing needs
  • Auto-retractable ceramic blade is safely hidden when not in use
  • Stays sharp up to 11x longer than steel and never rusts
  • Finger Friendly - Safer than traditional metal blades
  • Single Slice ceramic blade - up to 20 metal blades
  • Less blade changes - less money - less downtime
  • Cuts through corrugated like butter
  • Non-conductive
  • Non-Sparking
  • Built-in magnet

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