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ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One

ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One

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When wrapping gifts, when I switch between the scissors and tape, I always seem to misplace one or the other... every single time. That all changes with the cool new ScissorTape. This ingenious fusion of scissors with a built-in tape dispenser allows one to snip and tape all from the same device. It would be the perfect gift wrapping tool if it also included a laser cutting line like these equally cool Laser Scissors. Oh well, the main point is that the tape won't mysteriously keep disappearing.

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Holiday ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
This ingenious gift wrapping tool fuses a handy tape dispenser to the handle of a pair of scissors so you can snip and tape with ease.
Pizza Pro - Pizza Shears and Wedge-Shaped Spatula
It combines kitchen shears with a wedge-shaped spatula so you can cut perfect, even slices every time without losing toppings and serve them with one hand.
Fiskars Cuts+More - Ultimate Multi-Purpose Scissors
These innovative, multi-purpose scissors combine regular scissors with a wire cutter, twine cutter, light rope cutter, tape cutter, titanium-enhanced knife, and pointed awl tip, plus feature a built-in ceramic sharpener and bottle opener as well.
Plastic Surgeon Package Opener
Easily open frustrating plastic packaging quickly, easily and safely.
Little ELF Wrapping Paper Cutter
Just slip it over the end of a wrapping paper roll, pull the paper through the opening, measure, and then give it a gentle push to make a perfectly straight and smooth cut. It just might be the fastest, most efficient, safest, and easiest wrapping paper cutting tool ever and it won't go missing like the scissors all seem to do.
Laser Scissors - Projects a Precision Laser Beam to Cut Along
These innovative scissors project a precision laser-guided path across whatever you're cutting, like wrapping paper, sewing fabrics, craft projects, and more.
OpenX - Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter
Slice through wrapping paper easier, faster and more accurately than scissors and once you start cutting, it won't bunch up or tear the paper!
Worx ZipSnip - Cordless Rotary Cutting Tool / Electric Scissors
This compact yet powerful 4V MaxLithium cordless rotary cutting tool / electric scissors handles tough cutting jobs that weak, manual scissors cannot.
Spooky Bat Kitchen Scissors, Nutcracker, and Bottle Opener
These versatile bat wing kitchen shears can cut through meats, slice up vegetables and herbs, and have a built-in nutcracker and bottle opener as well.

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ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Easily blends into the surface background to make repairs less obvious!
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
This heavy-duty double-sided transparent tape with nano grip technology is waterproof, weatherproof, reusable, removable, washable, and outdoor safe.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Just when you think the Star Wars merchandising department has run out of product ideas, along comes this hilarious tape dispenser modeled after a downed Imperial Walker AKA an AT-AT.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Not only will you forever be able to see any repairs you've made once darkness falls, you could even use it for costumes, nighttime biking and jogging safety, night lights, automotive detailing, fashion, or just about any other crazy thing you can dream up where to stick it.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
This convenient one-handed tape dispenser clamps onto the edge of tables, desks, and more so it's always available and ready to dispense tape with ease.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Cool packaging tape that creates the illusion that your packages were securely sealed with metal tower bolts and hinges, leather straps, and o-rings.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Have a little tear in your screen door or window screen? Well, instead of wasting money and replacing the entire thing, just patch it yourself using this cool new screen repair tape.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Unlike transparent adhesive tape that's absolutely no fun whatsoever, this amusing roll of tape is designed to look like the yellow crime scene tape used by the police.
ScissorTape - Scissors and Tape All-In-One
Tired of the tape disappearing while you wrap gifts? This handy little tape dispenser clips onto the edge of your tabletop or desk to stay in one spot and allows you to tear off a strip of tape one-handed with ease.

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