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Laser Scissors - Projects A Beam You Can Cut Along

Laser Scissors - Projects A Beam You Can Cut Along

Can anyone cut in a straight line with scissors? I always go off on some angle and it's always a mess. Well now there is a new and improved pair of scissors that takes the guesswork out of cutting a straight line. These new Laser Scissors are awesome. There's a frickin' laser beam attached to the handle that projects a laser path across whatever you're cutting. All my gift wrapping usually gets done at the mall, but this holiday season I'm taking a chance and doing it myself with Laser Scissors. Lot's of good uses for them if you think about it. Check out the video demo below.


  • No more crooked cuts
  • Straight cuts everytime
  • Unique laser beam guide for accurate straight cuts by following the line projected from the onboard laser
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Perfect for gift wrapping, fabrics, signs, and anything requiring a long cut
  • Uses a replaceable LR44 button battery (included)

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