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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw

Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw

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When some pesky tree branches or limbs need to come down fast, skip the somewhat terrifying traditional chainsaw and unleash this cool new Worx JawSaw instead. Rather than lopping off your own limbs, this innovative cordless 20V battery-powered chainsaw has safety in mind first and total tree limb decimation second. It's designed to cut tree limbs and branches up to 4" wide using a unique scissor cut action that limits kickback, has a fully protective chain guard for enhanced safety, and, when not in use, the inner chainsaw blade retracts into the base. It features steel gripping teeth in the "jaws" to steadily hold things in place, a blade housing that allows for safe cutting on the ground, an automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator, and it even sets the proper tension for you automatically. If you need access to even higher up branches, an optional 5-ft pole extension is also available to help you reach up to 12' feet. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
This sculptural squirrel-shaped bowl is designed to hold nuts for hungry / nut-hoarding backyard squirrels, hold seeds for birds if you have something against adorable squirrels, or hold anything you want as a unique multi-purpose bowl.
Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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Worx JawSaw - Ultra-Safe 20V Cordless Chainsaw
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