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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit

Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit

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I love carving Jack-O'-Lanterns, but I absolutely hate scooping out the disgusting, sticky innards of the pumpkins first. The solution is to use this cool new Pumpkin Gutter. This ingenious pumpkin gutting tool attaches to any drill like a drill bit to power your way through the seeds and gooey strings without all the mess. The spinning stainless steel blades quickly and easily cut loose the nasty bowels of the pumpkin in no time without damaging the seeds and can even be used to thin the walls of the pumpkin too. It's simply the best, no-nonsense tool to use until some mad scientist learns how to grow seedless pumpkins.

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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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Pumpkin Gutter - Pumpkin Carving Drill Bit
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