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Mini Electric Chainsaw

Mini Electric Chainsaw

Mini Electric Chainsaw


At some time in your life you realize that you're finally old enough to buy a chainsaw, but do you really need a monstrous, gas-powered one? If you're not planning on chainsawing down entire trees, then check out this cool new Mini Electric Chainsaw instead. This miniature, battery-powered 4-inch chainsaw is the perfect size for pruning tree branches, cutting small logs, and more. It features smooth cutting, high quality chains that can handle logs up to 4.75" with ease, a high torque brushless pure copper motor, an LED work light, a protective safety cover and security locks, and it includes 2 batteries and 3 chains, and a storage box. Now if you plan on tacling bigger chainsawing projects or plan on fighting Leatherface in a chainsaw battle, then check out this VIDEO for Dennis Hopper's fun chainsaw buying clip from the classic heartwarming 80s film The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.

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