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BALDR Mechanical Timer - Simple, Easy to See, and Magnetic

BALDR Mechanical Timer - Simple, Easy to See, and Magnetic

BALDR Mechanical Timer - Simple, Easy to See, and Magnetic

This cool new yet quite retro BALDR Mechanical Timer is a super simple, magnetic, and battery-free countdown timer that can be set with just a twist of the dial and the remaining time shown in red can be easily read with just a glance. To use, just rotate the stainless steel dial clockwise to the end first and then counter-clockwise to the desired time to start the soft-ticking countdown to a loud old-fashioned alarm clangs away. It features a large, easy to read dial face, has a magnetic back for sticking to an oven or fridge, and can be set from 1-60 minutes. Perfect for the kitchen, gym, classroom, timeouts, homework, game night, sports, and more. Best of all, there's no need to yell at your smart speaker assistant or mess around with your smart phone just to set a simple timer.

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  • Count down time up to 60 minutes with twist of a dial
  • Minutes remaining can easily be seen by the Red portion on the dial
  • Know How Much Time Remaining At A Glance
  • Ideal countdown visual timer for cooking/ baking in kitchens, for students to keep track of tasks at classrooms, or any other occasions in need of accurate timers
  • Simply rotate the outside pointer ring to wind up the mechanical timer
  • No batteries required - This timer runs like a mechanical clock
  • Stainless Steel Face
  • Magnetic Back
  • Stick the timer to the oven or refrigerator with its strong magnetic backing
  • Soft ticking sound while the timer is working, and the end alarm ring will last 5 seconds, loud enough to be heard yet not disturbing
  • Bold black white and Red graphics on the large dial face
  • Terrific minute timer for homework, exercise, gym workout, cooking, sports, games and classroom timer activities
  • Size: 3.1" x 1.2" x 3.1"

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