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DaysAgo Digital Refrigerator Timers

DaysAgo Digital Refrigerator Timers

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I'm such a freak about refrigerator freshness. I don't really go by how something smells or an expiration date, I just kind of know if something has been in there way too long. I never know how long though and sometimes I accidentally throw out perfectly good food. That's why I need a few of these cool new DaysAgo Digital Refrigerator Timers.

These innovative tiny digital timers stick right onto your opened food jars, bottles and leftovers and keep track of how long they have been in the fridge. Simply push the button and a timer on the LCD begins to count down the number of days or hours it's been sitting there going bad. Never again will you wonder how long that half-full jar of salsa or pasta sauce has been in there or what year the Ranch dressing was really from. They come in a set of three and you can pick between either magnetic or suction cup versions. Very cool idea and I guess it could also be used for many other things that need to be tracked as well around the house, such as taking prescriptions, watering plants, opening a bottle of wine, etc, etc.

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