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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass

Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass

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When the grains of sand fall in an hourglass, it usually takes about an hour, but with this cool new Awaglass from designer Norihiko Terayama, the perception of time is lost in a good way as you stare at the hypnotic soapy bubbles rising up instead of down in a matter of seconds, minutes, or whenever it finishes. Filled with specially formulated soapy water inside a hand-blown glass hourglass shape, this mesmerizing bubble watch is designed to waste time, not count it down, which makes it perfect on the desk at any boring office job.

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Hourglass Sugar Dispenser
The sand in an hourglass may help you judge the passage of time, but it won't sweeten your coffee.
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Ikepod Steel Nanoball Timer / Hourglass
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Al Dente - Singing Floating Pasta Timer
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
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Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
Sometimes it's best to just hide things in plain sight.
Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
These monstrous push pins are nearly 7 inches long and have a large, colorful wooden depressor on one end and a dull-tipped plated metal pin on the other.
Awaglass - Soap Bubble Hourglass
When the air gets a little too dry at your desk this winter, skip hauling out the bulky humidifier and just drop one of these flower-shaped ultrasonic humidifiers into a glass of water to add a little harmony and soothing moisture back into the air.

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