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iPhone Cordless Handset

iPhone Cordless Handset

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If you're sick of paying for an extra landline phone and find talking on iPhones uncomfortable, then get the best of both worlds with this cool new iPhone Cordless Handset. This clever gizmo transforms a modern iPhone into a comfortable, old-fashioned cordless handset phone. Just place the phone in the 1930s styled base charger and it syncs up via Bluetooth. You can then place or receive calls through the DECT 6.0 wireless technology cordless handset up to 160' indoors while still being able to access the iPhone's apps while on the call. Great solution, if you have an iPhone.

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iStuck Phone Stand
Although it may look like a sticky, stretched out piece of chewing gum, the cool new iStuck Phone Stand is actually a clever silicone kickstand that props up your smartphone for easy viewing.
iPhone Geiger Counter
Concerned or curious about radiation leaks? This small, portable, lightweight Geiger counter works with a free downloadable app for your iPhone to precisely measure beta and gamma rays from 0.04-20 microsieverts per hour.
Bauhutte Wata Tank - Blanket With Arm Holes for Smartphones and Gaming
Now you can hold and stare at your smartphone 24/7/365 much more comfortably, even while lying down, with this blanket with arm holes from Japan.
iPlunge - iPhone Kickstand
Just take this mini plunger and squish it onto a smooth hard surface, and voila! instant kickstand secured by good old-fashioned suction!
Phone Umbrella Sun Shade
Don't let the sun's glare keep you from staring at a phone all day, because now you can provide shade using this cool new suction cup Phone Umbrella.
Phonekerchief - Signal Blocking Phone Handkerchief
At dinner, wrap up annoying cell phones in this handkerchief to effectively kill the signal and restore some manners to the table! Finally.
iPhone Pocket Projector
This tiny device docks onto your iPhone 4 and is able to project video and photos up to 50 inches on a wall, ceiling or any other flat surface using a super-bright 15-lumen LED projector lamp.
Hi-Call - Bluetooth Talking Glove Turns Your Hand Into a Telephone
These ingeniously innovative winter gloves have an integrated microphone and speaker in the tips of the thumb and little finger that integrate via Bluetooth with the smartphone hidden in your pocket and are even touchscreen friendly.
Black Ops Throat Mic iPhone Headset
Just strap the mic around your neck and everything you say down to a whisper is transmitted directly from your vocal cords with no outside sound picked up.

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iPhone Cordless Handset
The 21st century has become a strangling mess of endless wires and cables everywhere, but you can keep this technological jungle in check with these cool new cable ties with small green leaves on them!
iPhone Cordless Handset
If you have an office at your workplace, you usually have a door that someone can knock on to get your attention, but what do visitors do if you are stuck in a cubicle? Well, they would use the Cubicaller - Cubicle Doorbell of course!
iPhone Cordless Handset
Bored at work? This abstract sculptural notepad by Canadian artist Victoria Wonnacott has 1000 sheets of 100% recycled paper that you can bend, stretch and twist into a modern masterpiece.
iPhone Cordless Handset
A paperweight that looks exactly like crumpled up piece of legal paper.
iPhone Cordless Handset
A custom-designed desk set inspired by Darth Vader's Meditation Chamber / Life Support Pod aboard the Super Star Destroyer Executor in The Empire Strikes Back.
iPhone Cordless Handset
Paperweight that looks exactly like an architect's failed blueprint plans all crumpled up.
iPhone Cordless Handset
This ultra slim, flat panel heater attaches under a desk or sticks to the side of a metal cabinet and warms up to 130 degrees F in just minutes.
Add the soothing sounds of falling water and a touch of nature's green to your miserable office desk or cubicle with this cool new Tabletop Water Fountain.
iPhone Cordless Handset
Hang up photos, posters, notes and more without damage!

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