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Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion

Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion

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When you're mentally exhausted from sitting behind a desk in your office all day and need a power nap, you need a more comfortable position to look down and stare at your phone, or you just need some lumbar support in your office chair, then check out this cool new Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow from ATEX in Japan. This handy desktop pillow supports your head in the face down position at either 10, 25, or 45 degree angles, has a face hole so you can breathe and see through, has a built-in timer and alarm to wake you up, and also folds up for use as a lumbar support cushion for your back. I'm really super tired today and an afternoon power nap right here at the desk sounds so good right now... 🥱💤

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SoundAsleep Smart Pillow - Bluetooth Speaker, Sleep Tracker, and Comfort
This high tech smart pillow not only has a built-in speaker embedded within that can stream soothing white noise, nature sounds, podcasts, guided meditation, music, and more from any wireless Bluetooth device, it also syncs with an app allowing you to track your sleep and snoring patterns as well. It even has an alarm function to wake you from slumber.
Igloo Dome Pillow - Almost Completely Cuts Out Sound and Light
Forget annoying earplugs and sleep masks, because when you insert your head into this dome almost all sound and light is eliminated.
Plywood Throw Pillow
While it may look like a small sheet of real hard plywood on your sofa, it's actually a soft canvas throw pillow cover with a highly detailed and realistic plywood grain print.
Zen Kusshion - Giant Stone Pillow on a Rippling Blue Rug
While it may look like a giant smooth stone resting in a puddle of blue water, it's actually a soft handmade pillow place on a rug with a unique rippling effect. Is it a work of art? Is it cool designer furniture? Yes!
Alfred the Giant Crocheted Octopus
When you want to tie a room together or just cuddle up in the embrace of a massive eight-armed invertebrate, you can't go wrong with Alfred the Giant Octopus.
7 1/2 Foot Slumber Bear
When you combine a bear skin rug, a stuffed animal and a massive, over-sized bean bag chair, you get something like this Slumber Bear!
Noise Cancelling Neck Travel Pillow
This travel pillow provides 360 degrees of neck support and extends up to cover your ears for a noise cancelling effect that lowers noises by 30 decibels.
Driftwood Accent Pillows
These Pillows use uniquely placed fabric strips to create swirling 3D patterns that are reminiscent of ancient tree rings.
Blood Puddle Pillows
Looking for the ultimate in sick twisted pillow designs? Well, who knows, maybe you are. Blood Puddle Pillows by artist Keetra Dean Dixon are unique pillows that give the fun illusion that you've been brutally murdered, probably a head shot, and left in a puddle of your own blood. Unbeknownst to others though, you are quite alive, happy and slumbering peacefully. These pillows do have one drawback that will usually prevent you from getting a full nap and that is when your discoverer begins screaming in absolute terror and police and neighbors swarm in. It's just hard to sleep with that kind of racket going on. These cool pillows would also go great with the equally macabre, sick and twisted Body Bag Bean Bag Chair!

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Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
This ergonomic active sitting stool is shaped like an accordion, compresses slightly when you sit on it, and then allows you to lean freely in any direction which helps to keep your core muscles active for increased strength and flexibility, improved sense of balance, and even proper posture and circulation.
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
These unique log-shaped storage containers are perfect for storing office supplies, cookies, nails or just about anything you want. Also a great way to prank pesky woodpeckers!
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
Bored at work? This abstract sculptural notepad by Canadian artist Victoria Wonnacott has 1000 sheets of 100% recycled paper that you can bend, stretch and twist into a modern masterpiece.
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
Sleek Bluetooth wireless handset, speakerphone, and charging dock for iPhones!
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
A paperweight that looks exactly like crumpled up piece of legal paper.
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
When you need your personal space to have some actual privacy, simply unfold this compact, personal pop-up partition screen.
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
A total no-nonsense, hardcore tape dispenser that weighs in at a hefty 2.2 lbs due to its exterior aluminum shell, inner cast iron core, and forged stainless steel blade.
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
This stunning desk is handcrafted from maple with a natural live edge and double-take-inducing foamy resin waves washing up on the wooden shore.
Face Down Desktop Nap Pillow / Chair Lumbar Cushion
No matter whether you work on the go from your vehicle, do obnoxious fast food reviews on YouTube from your car, or you just want a steady surface to write on, eat upon, or just set a glowing touchscreen device down on in the car... while parked, then check out this cool new AutoExec Wheelmate

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