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Privacy Pop Nap Tent

Privacy Pop Nap Tent

Privacy Pop Nap Tent

Want to disappear for awhile and sneak in a quick nap, work on your laptop in private, stare at your phone in peace, or just take a sensory break from the world for a bit? Then slip into this cool new Privacy Pop Nap Tent. If there'e a desk, a table, or any flat surface, this handy portable pop up tent for the top half of your body can be used to create a dark, private, and distraction-free oasis from everyone and everything around you. It features a privacy drape for extra coverage and includes a portable carrying bag to take it on the go. It's also great for the bedroom to block out light during the day or in the morning... and for not bothering your sleeping partner while you, again, stare at your phone all night.

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  • Nap Anywhere: Create the perfect nap bubble on top of any flat surface, desk, tabletop or even in bed where your pillow would go
  • Private Oasis: The Nap Tent provides a quick alternative to exclusive privacy and seclusion on the go or when you want to take a quick sensory break
  • Reduce Outside Light: Avoid a rude awakening from the bright sun or room light and make nap time easier by reducing any unwanted outside light to enter
  • Privacy Drape: The privacy drape on the entrance of the Nap Tent can wrap around for extra coverage
  • Includes: Carrying Bag
  • Size: 19" L x 25" W x 17" H - 1.25 lbs

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