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Massive Inflatable Bubble Tent

Massive Inflatable Bubble Tent

Massive Inflatable Bubble Tent

Sure you can sleep under the stars in a regular tent, but good luck seeing them. This won't be an issue inside this cool new Inflatable Bubble Tent. Standing over 26 feet tall (smaller sizes available), this massive inflatable outdoor dome tent is the perfect spot to observe the cosmos at night and the great outdoors during the day, flee from obnoxious blood-thirsty mosquitoes and other flying insect pests, seek shelter from the pouring rain (it's waterproof), avoid the flu and cold season, grow plants in like a greenhouse, entertain guests in at backyard parties, wow visitors at trade shows, seek solace in for meditation, avoid sand at the beach, have meetings in with all your like-minded friends in your social bubble, and so much more. It includes a blower, an entrance tunnel, and is easy to carry and fold up. It's only real downside is curious clawed cats and hungry bears.

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