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Pool Guarding Gator Decoy

Pool Guarding Gator Decoy

Pool Guarding Gator Decoy

The cool new Pool Guarding Gator Decoy not only deters birds from your pond, it's also a fantastic way to prank and terrify your friends in the pool. While it may look like a real alligator is swimming through the water, this faux gator is actually just a realistic buoyant decoy with a head, torso, and tail that moves freely around with the wind and water movement. It's designed mainly for ponds and golf courses as an effective deterrent to birds such as Canadian Geese and Blue Heron, but it's also perfect to let swim up behind people or to scare away unsupervised little kids away from the pool and I guess it could be fun in a hot tub as well.

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  • Gator decoy floats freely acting as a deterrent to birds such as Canadian Geese and Blue Heron
  • 3 separate body parts, head, torso, and tail, are hinged creating life-like motion with wind or water movement
  • Red LED eyes have a setting for flash or constant on
  • Adds a little fun to your water feature, while helping to protect it's inhabitants
  • Made from buoyant durable plastic and textured to replicate the prehistoric ridged hide of the sub-tropical reptile
  • Ideal for golf courses, park districts, as well as personal pools and ponds
  • Size: 36" L x 9.25" W x 1.75" H - 1.75 lbs

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