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Hot Pod Floating Spa

Hot Pod Floating Spa

Hot Pod Floating Spa

Some people like to float around the pool, I would rather sit in the hot tub and the cool new Hot Pod Floating Spa combines the best of both. The Hot Pod is basically a hot tub that floats right in your pool and takes water from your pool's heater and pumps it back through six hydro-engineered jets. Usually when you go from the hot tub to the pool, it's quite a chilling experience, so this thing makes it even more interesting when you try to get out. Looks relaxing though.



  • Revolutionary floating spa easily installs in both in-ground and above-ground pool applications
  • Six hydro jets produce relaxing hydrotherapy action
  • Connects in minutes to your existing pump, filter, and heater
  • Integrated control valve allows convenient temperature adjustment by mixing water from the pool with the Hotpod
  • Sets up and is ready to use in 15 minutes
  • Room for 4 to 6 adults
  • Stores in convenient carry bag
  • Dimensions:56" w x 56" h x 33" d

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