Illuminated Robotic Pool Fish

Illuminated Robotic Pool Fish

Wish your pool was a bit more like the ocean or just a giant aquarium? Then release these cool new Illuminated Robotic Pool Fish into the deep end. These robotic lion fish come in a set of two and realistically swim around a pool at night just below the water's surface while blue LEDs in the eyes and fins create ambient illumination. Although not as cool as scuba-diving or snorkeling in the deep blue sea to see fish swimming around in their habitat, but robot fish in the pool are always better than none in the pool.


  • Autonomously swimming pair of illuminated robotic fish provide ambient light in a pool
  • Blue LEDs housed in the bulbous eyes and fins provide illumination
  • Swim just below the water's surface with a reciprocating tail fin
  • Flexible, elongated dorsal and pectoral fin rays and contrasting purple, blue, and orange color bands
  • Size: 11" L x 3" W x 6" H - 12 oz

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