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Gigantic 12 Foot Inflatable Beach Ball

Gigantic 12 Foot Inflatable Beach Ball

Gigantic 12 Foot Inflatable Beach Ball

If you thought blowing up a regular beach ball was a breathless experience, you might never finish inflating this cool new Massive 12 Foot Inflatable Beach Ball without an air pump. No beach, swimming pool, concert, backyard, sporting event, jungle temple, or neighborhood on a windy day is safe once this massive 12 foot (from pole to pole) inflatable beach ball gets tossed into the air or rolled in your direction. Yep that's about it, it's just a ridiculously monstrous-sized (659,000 cubic inches) beach ball with endless possibilities! Hmm, I think it's best not to fill it up with helium or you might trigger an international incident.

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  • Jumbo beach ball measures 12 feet from pole to pole
  • With an astounding 659,000 cubic inch volume, it's just like a classic beach ball, only gigantic
  • Made of thick, durable 30mil vinyl with reinforced seams, so play hard
  • Large, secure airtight valve keeps air in and won't tear or detach from the vinyl
  • Electric pumps only

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