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Monopoly Deluxe - 1935 Wood Edition

Monopoly Deluxe - 1935 Wood Edition

Monopoly Deluxe - 1935 Wood Edition

It doesn't matter if there's a recession, a depression or just good times, because you can always feel like a rich and powerful tycoon when you destroy your friends and family in a good, old-fashioned game of Monopoly. The cool new Monopoly Deluxe - 1935 Wood Edition is an authentic replica of the original 1935 version of Monopoly. It includes a heavyweight wooden gameboard with the original property colors, a wood and brass fixture case, illustrated Chance and Community Chest cards, wooden houses and hotels, game pieces, the original title deeds, a double pack of money and four sets of dice. Although it looks like it's from 1935, this luxurious version of Monopoly is built to last. Great gift for Monopoly lovers.

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  • Authentic wooden gameboard - just like the original 1935 version
  • Original illustrated chance & community chest cards - not used since 1935
  • Original Title Deeds and Property Colors, Original Tokens
  • Brass fixtures and wooden houses
  • Luxurious wood and brass fixture case
  • Size: 14" x 3" x 10" - 4.5 Lbs

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