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LEGO Roses

LEGO Roses
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This Valentine's Day, give your sweetheart beautiful red roses that will last forever, after they assemble them, with this cool new LEGO Roses set. This 120 piece LEGO set includes 2 buildable red roses with green leaves and adjustable length stems for displaying in a flower vase. While there aren't any sharp thorns on these everlasting plastic long-stemmed roses, stepping on one of their LEGO brick pieces in your bare feet is still going to be way more painful.


  • These LEGO Roses are the perfect gift for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or just to let someone know how much they’re cherished
  • Includes 2 buildable red roses with adjustable stems
  • They'll bring a beautiful burst of color when displayed in a vase
  • Easy-to-assemble set comes with 2 red blooms, green leaves, and length-adjustable stems
  • Pieces: 120
  • Size: 10" L - Perfect for displaying in a vase

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