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Inception Spinning Top Totem Replica

Inception Spinning Top Totem Replica

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Right now, this very instant, are you dreaming? Reality is a relative concept, so if you're unsure if your mind is in the real world or living deep in a dream, then you're going to need a totem like this cool new Inception Spinning Top Replica. This handcrafted stainless steel spinning top is just like Leonardo DiCaprio's character Cobb's totem from the movie Inception. Each spinning top replica is created with a CNC lathe using 303 stainless steel in the USA, comes in either shiny or dark and weathered like in the movie, and when spun on a very smooth surface, can spin for up to 3 minutes... unless you're dreaming of course. A fun little collectible for fans of this mind-bending flick or just something to play with when bored and daydreaming at the office.

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