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rootcup - Grow New Plants From Plant Cuttings

rootcup - Grow New Plants From Plant Cuttings

rootcup - Grow New Plants From Plant Cuttings

These cool new rootcups help to easily clone, er, grow new plants from plant root and stem clippings, avocado plants from seeds, flowers from bulbs, succulents, airplants, and more. Just place a plant cutting, seed, or bulb in the lid of the rootcup, fill the cup with water, place it in a sunny spot, and soon you will see healthy roots.

The rootcups feature uniquely shaped lids that capture evaporating water and keep the leaves dry and sundrenched, roots properly submerged and protected from the light, and slots to easily slide them out when ready for soil planting. The rootcups are available in two sizes (regular rootcup for cuttings less than 2" and BIGrootcup for bigger cuttings up to 5") and are made from super-durable, flexible elastomer that is highly UV resistant, nonporous, waterproof, flame-resistant and dishwasher/boiling safe. Great solution.

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  • Helps start roots so that your cuttings will thrive when planted
  • Lid holds the cutting’s leaves above water to prevent rotting
  • Shape captures evaporating water so cuttings need less attention
  • Design protects a cutting’s roots from light, which helps them grow
  • Use: place your plant cutting in the Rootcup, add water, place in a well-lit place, and wait for little roots to propagate
  • When seedling has enough roots, it's ready to be moved into dirt to grow on its own in your indoor or outdoor garden
  • Made from a super-durable, squishy, non-toxic proprietary elastomer made from common beach sand
  • Can be sterilized in a dishwasher or boiling water for reuse
  • Regular rootcup: for cuttings less than 2"
  • BIGrootcup: for bigger cuttings up to 5"
  • Assembly and packing is done at a San Francisco non-profit workshop that provides employment to persons with disabilities

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