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Solar Light Up Planter Base

Solar Light Up Planter Base

Solar Light Up Planter Base

The cool new Solar Light Up Planter Base is a stone-like base with built-in LED lights on each corner that illuminate and draw attention to outdoor planters and statuary decor at night. It features a separate solar panel that charges up in direct sunlight during the day and then delivers up to 8 hours of light in the evening and provides a generous 16" of planter space. Perfect for adding a decorative lighting touch to urn-shaped planters on your front porch, planters and flower pots on your patio, a statue in your garden, or even objects inside your home near a sunny window.

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  • Call attention to your beautiful outdoor plants at night
  • Illuminate planters, flower pots, or statuary decor to instantly add ambiance to your outdoor living area at night
  • Stone-looking base gives off light via 4 solar LED lights on each corner
  • Allows for up to 16" of planter base space
  • Separate solar panel has a 3' cord and must be placed in 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to be charged
  • Provides up to 8 hours of light at night
  • Materials: Polycrystalline Panel and Polyresin Solar Stone and Base
  • Size: 16" Sq. x 1.5" H - 9.75 lbs

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