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Babylon Light - Hanging Garden Light Fixture

Babylon Light - Hanging Garden Light Fixture

Babylon Light - Hanging Garden Light Fixture

Remember that scene in Back to the Future 2 where Marty McFly's future kid asks for fruit and a planter comes down from the ceiling? Well, it's not even 2015 yet, but there is something even better that's been invented, this cool new Babylon Light from designer Ryan Taylor. This unique light fixture is surrounded by a hanging garden where you can safely grow herbs or other small plants up and out of the way. Hmm, if you hang this and plant some venus fly traps, all those pesky flying insects that are drawn to the light will now be taken care of in a more decorative way.

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  • Designer: Ryan Taylor
  • Babylon is a plantable light fixture
  • Individually hand-formed from aluminum by a skilled Canadian craftsman
  • Tough exterior weather proof powder coat finish - allowing it to endure the moisture of your plantings
  • E26 (medium) porcelain lamp holder (rated for up to 100w)
  • 6' stainless steel cable
  • 6' white electrical cord
  • White ceiling canopy & hanging hardware
  • ESA Certified
  • Plantable dish approx. 1.6" deep
  • Size: 15" Diamter x 6" H

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