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Metaphys Ienami - Micro Landscape Planters

Metaphys Ienami - Micro Landscape Planters

Metaphys Ienami - Micro Landscape Planters

Feel like practicing the ancient Japanese art of Bonkei - three-dimensional depictions of landscapes in miniature? Then check out these cool new Metaphys Ienami Planters from Japan. These micro landscape planters look like a row of tiny houses (Ienami = row of houses in Japanese) and have rooftop gardens for planting and growing small foliage like moss or succulents. There are four versions sold separately, hiroba ("plaza"), roji ("alley"), zigzag, or tunnel. Very unique.



  • Versions: hiroba ("plaza"), roji ("alley"), zigzag, or tunnel
  • Materials: stone powder
  • Plants and model figures etc not included
  • Size: 3.9" x 3.9" x 3.9"

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