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Placid Concrete Fountain / Planter

Placid Concrete Fountain / Planter

Placid Concrete Fountain / Planter

This cool new Placid Fountain / Planter is a decorative way to add a tranquil soundscape of falling water white noise to your patio or garden. Constructed from durable reinforced concrete, calming water gently flows from seven copper spouts on the side of this sleek, rectangular outdoor fountain that also has an open planter on top for adding lush greenery or colorful blooms. It features a water basin in the base with a splash guard, a drain hole in the top planter, and it's outdoor safe. I feel more relaxed now just looking at the picture. 🥱

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  • 3-foot water feature adds delightful sound and a calming mood to your outside decor
  • Designed in a sleek silhouette of reinforced concrete with seven copper spouts that spill gently into the basin beneath
  • Fountain's top is open and can be used as a planter for greenery and blooming color
  • Smooth rectangular planes fit nicely against a garden or patio wall to create a decorative focal point you’ll never tire of seeing and hearing
  • Made of glass fiber-reinforced concrete
  • Planter with drain hole
  • Splash guard
  • Outdoor safe
  • UL-approved recycling pump
  • Size: 39 3/8" H X 23 5/8" W X 13 3/4" D

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