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Tornado Fountain

Tornado Fountain

Tornado Fountain

Trickling waterfall fountains are peaceful and relaxing and all, but wouldn't you rather harness the dark side of nature safely inside your home or office? The cool new Tornado Fountain is an attention-grabbing tabletop fountain that produces a hypnotic twister in the center of a water-filled glass container, like a miniature reversed waterspout. It features LED lighting in the black ceramic base that helps to create a soft glow at night and it comes in 3 different fountain styles to choose from.

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  • Spiraling center tornado is a great conversation starter
  • Quiet running low voltage pump
  • LED lights create vibrant glow
  • Includes: clear glass container, ceramic base, colorful pebbles and a low voltage 12 VAC pump
  • 3 different model styles

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