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Junk Food Puzzle

Junk Food Puzzle

Junk Food Puzzle

If you're really hungry and/or really bored, why not put together this scrumptious looking Junk Food Puzzle. After you complete this giant 500 piece jigsaw puzzle, you will be feasting your eyes upon one of the most incredible heart-attack inducing mega sandwiches ever constructed. In between four slices of bread is an amazing pile of deli meat slices, cheeses, pickles, lettuce, cheese curls, french fries, chocolate bars, pizza, mustard, mayo, salami etc. Unfortunately, the puzzle is not edible, unless of course you splash a little hot sauce on each piece.

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  • Sandwich is made of cheese curls, chocolate bars, pizza, etc.
  • 500 pieces and not a single calorie
  • Size: 18" x 24"

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