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Combi Training Chopsticks

Combi Training Chopsticks

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Unless you happened to grow up using chopsticks, mastering them as an adult can be tricky. Well, young and old alike can now expand their food eating skills with these cool new Combi Training Chopsticks.

These training chopsticks offer up a three step program for easily learning how to hold and wield these ancient utensils. The first step teaches proper placement in your hands by encouraging you to hold the chopsticks using the thumb, forefinger and middle finger with an orange silicone training bridge. Once you have mastered how to hold the chopsticks, it's time for step 2 where the bridge is removed, but the sticks are still held together with a circular support piece. After you have learned how to grasp objects, it's time for step 3, where you use the chopsticks with no support pieces in place at all. With a little time and practice, you'll be wondering why you ever relied on a spoon, fork, knife, spork or knork in the first place.

I think these are meant for teaching little kids how to use chopsticks, but if a five year old old can figure it out, well so can you.

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