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ICICLE - Dry Ice Drink Stirrers Create Smoky Cocktail Effects

ICICLE - Dry Ice Drink Stirrers Create Smoky Cocktail Effects

Give your cocktails a futuristic twist when you stir them up with these cool new ICICLE Drink Stirrers. These fun reusable drink stirrers allow you to safely put dry ice directly into cocktails and other drinks to release effervescent fizzy bubbles and smoky vapors like something out of a mad scientist's secret laboratory. They're designed to safely lock food grade dry ice (not included) into the bottom of the stirrer, works on hot or cold drinks (alcoholic or non) without ruining the flavor, have adjustable stems to make it fit perfectly in a glass, and come in a pack of 10. Perfect for parties, holidays, esp. Halloween, bars, and more. Cool huh?


  • Create eye catching smoky cocktails with these dry ice drink stirrers
  • The only drink stirrer or swizzle stick that lets you put dry ice directly into your drink and safely consume
  • Will keep dry ice trapped in the bottom compartment that is put directly into the drink
  • Will bubble and emit smoky vapors without changing the taste or any drink
  • 10 reuseable, dishwasher safe swizzle sticks
  • Adjustable stem: detach the top portion of the Icicle to make it fit perfectly in any class, tall or short
  • Locks food grade dry ice into the bottom of the stirrer in a safe way
  • Never ruins a drink's flavor
  • Make Cocktails, Beer, Champagne, and more into instant attention grabbers
  • Perfect for parties, holidays, gatherings, BBQs and more
  • Works on hot or cold, alcoholic or non drink
  • Dry ice not included - Do not touch dry ice with bare skin - Use proper protection or utensils when handling dry ice

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