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PistachiOpener - Opens Problematic Pistachio Shells

PistachiOpener - Opens Problematic Pistachio Shells

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I confess. I'm a total pistachio addict. Thankfully, having to pry open the shells around each one slows me down a bit. Sometimes, certain pesky shells just won't open and I'm forced to toss a perfectly good nut into the huge growing pile of opened shells. There's a solution. This cool new PistachiOpener is the first nutcracker for instantly popping open problematic pistachio shells. As along as there is the slightest of openings on a pistachio, simply place the bottom of the nut into the cup, hook in the splitting wedge pick, and pinch. Voila! Pistachio opened. Perfect for all pistachio lovers, arthritis sufferers, kids, or anyone who values their fingernails. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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