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Light Bites - Candle Forks

Light Bites - Candle Forks

Light Bites - Candle Forks

What do you get when you combine forks and birthday candles together? You get these cool new Light Bites - Candle Forks. These fun and reusable utensils have a special slot for inserting a candle on. Just stick the forks in the cake or individual cake slices, light the candles and voila, instant party! You get 12 forks per box and the candles are included.

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  • Durable, reusable plastic forks with a special talent - they can hold candles
  • Stick them right into your cake, drop a candle into each and you're good to go
  • Food-safe and reusable - Handwash only
  • Comes with 12 cake forks
  • Size: 6" T

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