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Grill Daddy Pro - Grill Brush Cleans with the Power of Steam!

Grill Daddy Pro - Grill Brush Cleans with the Power of Steam!

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It's getting to be that time of the year again to get the grill cleaned and in proper BBQing order for the summer. The cool new Grill Daddy Pro is an innovative new grill brush that makes this chore a bit easier. It uses the power of steam to brush, steam and sterilize messy grill grates.

Simply fill the handle of the Grill Daddy Pro with clean tap water, pre-heat the grill on low and start to scrape away. The heat from the grill creates steam to help loosen up the the baked on grease and nasty residue buildup, while also sanitizing and sterilizing the grates as well. It features an extra long, sturdy handle for proper leverage and to protect your hands from burns, stainless-steel bristles that are safe for cast-iron, steel or porcelain grill grates, 2-sided dishwasher safe removable brushes (heavy-duty stainless steel scraping surface and scrubbing bristles) and a convenient storage hook for hanging it up.

I've actually heard some good things about this brush and I'm really looking forward to a nice clean surface for getting those perfect sear marks. Some believe a nasty unclean grill adds flavor, well if you like the taste of yummy year old remains of charred carcus clinging to your steaks, that's your opinion.

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