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Dragon Double-Walled Travel Tumbler for Tea

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Dragon Double-Walled Travel Tumbler for Tea

Most travel mugs are designed and styled for coffee, but I'm a tea lover! Pouring my fresh made morning brew into an industrial stainless steel tumbler just doesn't seem to be a good match. After so many years of searching, I think I finally found a suitable vessel for transporting my ancient beverage, the cool new Dragon Double-Walled Travel Tumbler!

This unique green clay travel tumbler is clearly meant for holding tea inside its dragon themed double walled design. Simply unscrew the top, pour in 8oz of your favorite tea and it will keep it at the perfect temperature inside until you reach your destination. On the outside, it features a cool dragon design on each side, raised gripping dots surrounding them and it stays cool to the touch if you decide to enjoy a delicious sip along the way. I love this tumbler!

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